11/25/20233 min read

Beer, Food & Friends. An all-in-one place located in the heart of the city.

The latest place opened in Prishtina, Churchill. From the tiniest details to the biggest ones, everything has been crafted to perfection. A corner that radiates history and tradition in the middle of the city centre, in Prishtinë.

With a hidden tunnel as an entrance it is the perfect balance between mysterious and a cozy nice place. A bar that offers Food, Beers & Companionship or Friends.

With history in mind, inspired by a well-known figure we've had one thing in mind, V for Victory. We wanted to be raw and unique. We want the visitors to feel a sense of coziness while still enjoying the variety of drinks and foods offered by the lovely staff at Churchill. It is indeed a place for everyone.

Food, Beer & Friends! A hidden gem. More from them here.

The symbol was heavily inspired by Churchill's iconic gesture, the peace sign or the "V" symbol which symbolizes Victory. The goal was to portray everything in a rather simple fashion, without being too loud or obnoxious. After many different attempts at the symbol, we finally struck gold.

In the beginning we were a bit unsure on which shape we wanted to continue with. How we wanted the eyes to look and feel like and if we wanted the actual Churchill symbol to be placed in a shape or be a standalone figure.

Some initial thoughts were placing our little character in a circle, or in the form of the actual tunnel where the place is located. It definitely was a nice touch and a possibility but in the end we decided to let the symbol be free.

The real challenge was when we started developing the symbol. We have had a million different tests, working out which style will fit and which style will suit our wordmark.

The wordmark is specifically crafted to mimic an old era tavern or pub, to give it that hand drawn feeling and to feel unique. That same style had to be traced back to the symbol, we needed consistency for each brand element.

The wordmark set! We were happy with the results. It was a nice simple wordmark with a hint of old fashion. A mixture in styles, the combination of old and new in one. It portrayed it just the way they intended the pub to be.

With the additional tweaks of the symbol, we had a great consistent lineup.

Nice! Churchill was born. Our little guy was ready to conquer the city of Prishtina. After many many days of working to get the place open, they have launched and people were loving the place. Cozy, Friendly and Tasty (Food).