3/7/20233 min read

Few&Far - A recruitment agency based in London.

Few&Far is the #1 recruitment agency across Product, Design, Engineering & Data. Based in London, UK & helping products Worldwide. They we're in need of a consistent & strong rebrand to match the energy they bring in head hunting & job finding.

From exploring a potential change of the symbol fully to experimenting with the colors, illustrations, icons & more. After many many tests the results we're professional but with a friendly touch. The last segment of the above paragraph would work very well to explain how the team at Few&Far are. They truly are the Few that will take you Far. Full of smiles & professional services.

The Few that will take you very far.

To create engaging experiences that challenge expectations.

We’re recruiters who are growing with the community.

We can advise you on everything from structuring your team to managing interview processes.

Like any service industry, all experiences aren’t always going to be of five-star quality. But you have to admit, recruitment gets a bad rep. We want to change this.

Top talent solutions for tech teams! More from them here.

With consistency in mind, each and every material has maintained the style that the Few&Far team wanted to portray. We'll showcase some here below.